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Styx Plastic Farm fencing battens on a sheep farm

Styx Battens / Droppers

The cost effective alternative to wooden farm fencing battens / droppers

Designed and manufactured in Christchurch, the Styx plastic fence batten / dropper is a cost- effective alternative to traditional wooden battens, insultimber, and wire lightning droppers.


One person can install the batten in seconds (either by hand or with the Styx wire application tool), reducing labour costs by up to 50% compared to installing wooden fence battens. The Styx Batten is one large electrical insulator, perfect for running multiple electric fence wires through the batten.

Manufactured from 50% recycled plastics destined for land fill, the batten will not leach any toxins into the environment. At the end of its useful life the product can be fully recycled.


Weighing four times lighter than a wooden batten, the Styx Batten/dropper costs less to transport, and is much easier to carry and install on steep hill country.

Styx Solutions specializes in providing high-quality batten fencing and other lifestyle block fencing products that are not only durable but also cost-effective. 

Lea Rig Livestock - Reparian and bush protection fencing

If you are after an easy to use product for riparian and waterway protection fencing, then look no further, the patented design of the batten/dropper strops the batten from moving along the fence wires, without one staple being used in the installation process. 

Reduce the amount of battens on your fence, reduce material costs, reduce the weight on the wires, and reduce maintenance. Wires can be restrained on the fence without pulling the battens out of place along the fence line.

Suitable for all livestock, from Bulls through to Lambs

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