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From solar electric fence units to electric fence fault finders - Styx Solutions farm fencing products can make rural life fencing easier

Product Information

Styx farm fencing battens - sheep and beef fence -7 wires.

Styx Battens /Droppers

Lightweight, durable and easy to install

Styx Solutions provide the farming community with durable fencing solutions for the 21st century. The Styx Batten system is ideal for new fences and a quick and easy way to replace old and damaged farm fencing battens / droppers.

The battens are a cost-effective alternative to traditional wooden battens, wire lightning droppers, or insultimber. They remove the need for labour intensive, back-breaking work.

Simply insert down through the wires and with a simple push and click your battens are installed within a few seconds., (either by hand or with the Styx wire application tool

No staples are required to install.


Lightweight, strong, and made of a high-quality UV resistant plastic material that will not rot, splinter, or leach like treated timber products. They are manufactured from 50% recycled polymer, reducing the amount of polymer destined for land fill. They are fully recyclable at end of life. 

Because the batten is effectively a giant insulator, any wire - or all wires - can be hot. This may remove the need for additional insulators and labour.


We were frustrated with having to use expensive barbed wire to stop wooden battens moving on the fence... the Styx plastic Batten has solved this problem, with a patented wire location slot and clip, the battens cannot be moved easily along the fence. Designed to flex and bend, they will absorb animal impact. 

The Styx Battens have a 5-year warranty against breakage and are supplied in 3 options for pre-set wire configurations: 5-7 wire, 6-8 wire and 3-9 wire.

Designed for 2.50mm diameter wire only. Not suitable for barbed or No-8 wire. 

Electric fence outriggers/offsets

Tough, durable and suitable for all livestock

Sick of outriggers that require multiple staples, bend out of shape, and suffer insulation breakdown? We were too, and talking with farmers and lifestyle block owners we heard the same story. 


The Styx Outriggers can be attached to either side of the Styx Easy Batten without tools. Simply insert into an outrigger mounting receptacle (located in 4 positions on the batten) & twist 90 degrees to lock into place.


They can also be screwed or stapled to wooden posts or railings or use our insulator base plate to run equiwire simultaneously. 

For use with concrete posts, we have used a Styx Batten between the posts and attached the outrigger to the batten, negating the need to attach directly to the concrete post.

A unique design of the outriggers stops 40mm tape from spiraling in the wind. The 300mm & 400mm outriggers have additional wire locations along the length for pest control and additional animal security.

The outrigger, manufactured entirely from a high-quality UV stabilised automotive polymer, will not wear through like traditional metal pigtail outriggers - no more electrical shorts.

They are flexible and can spring back when hit by an animal, unlike metal that bends out of shape. 

When used vertically they can increase the height of your fence and prevent horses cribbing or windsucking.

Available in 3 sizes:  175mm, 300mm and 400mm. ​​

Stys Solutions 175mm electric fence offset - outrigger
Styx Solutions electric fence polywire and polytape

Electric Fence Polywire, Tape & Braids

UV stabilised- tough & durable

Polywire and tape have proven to be an ideal product for use as permanent or temporary electric fencing. For many years farmers and lifestyle block owners have used poly wire for strip grazing.

Styx Solutions prides itself on supplying quality products, ensuring that our range of polywire and tapes can withstand the forever changing weather conditions in New Zealand, we have chosen to supply locally manufactured products.

We have a solution for every type of livestock, tapes and braids specifically designed for larger animals and those with longer fleece.


Our new  40mm wide Equine Naturae range is suppled in a combination of green and brown. Our extremely popular Premium "Kiwi Black" 40mm wide ribbon tape provides the ultimate strength and zapping power. Customers love the product especially within the equine sector where black posts and rails are used.

Our new Topline Horse Equine wire is similar to the common Equiwire product, however, is softer and easier to use, designed for the European Equine sector, the Topline Horse wire is 6.00mm in diameter and is complimented with a range of premium electric fence insulators, thecal tensioning springs all designed with equine safety in mind.

Our polywire and tape products are Ideal for equine use and the preferred fencing choice for horse stud and training sites across New Zealand.

For dairy and beef cattle we have our reflective electrified bungy cord, great for gates across laneways or between paddocks and perfect for health and safety in low light conditions.

Our new 6.00mm Mega wire with 10 premium stainless steel wires at 0.2mm thick, gives a real punch and will not unravel like electrified ropes, available in White, Black and Chocolate Brown

Try our range of poly wires and tapes and see for yourself how locally manufactured produces a reliable and durable product.


​Some products are available in custom roll lengths- minimums apply.

Accessories-Gate Handles and more...

Tough & durable electric fence accessories for all livestock

Styx Solutions prides itself on supplying quality products, most of which are made in New Zealand. For products sourced outside of New Zealand we use a vigorous supply chain validation process, ensuring that the products we source will meet NZ conditions. 

We have a variety of accessories, providing a complete solution for our customers.

Our Base Plate Insulator is proving extremely popular, designed as a simple steel wire, equiwire, polywire, and poly braid...claw insulator. The Styx Base Plate Insulator is designed to take a Styx Outrigger later if required. Customers enjoy the ease of use and flexibility the product offers.


Another popular product, is the AKO retractable gets kits, supplied in 7.5m long x 40mm wide Polytape and 19.0m long x 20mm wide Polytape. The 7.5m long retractable gate kit is a favorite in the equine sector whereby horse owners have complete control of the gate when walking their horse through the gate entrance. Dairy farmers are finding the retractable gates easy to use and reduces constant replacement of gate tapes damaged by leaving on the ground.

Our electric fence cut out isolation switches manufactured from a UV stabilised polymer also uses stainless steel components in the final construction.

Check out our current range of products, if there is something you want and we do not have it, then let us do the work for you and find what you are looking for.

Styx Solutions - AKO electric fence retractable 7.5m gate kit
JVA solar electric fence unit SV2 model-up to 2.0km of fencing

Electric Fence Energisers

Mains, Solar, and portable units

Styx Solutions offers two brands of highly reliable and effective electric fence energisers.

JVA - Designed and manufactured in Australia

Provides a range of solar units from 0.1 input joules up to 1.2 input joules (2.0 Kms of fence to 10.00 Kms of fence)

Their larger mains units can be interfaced with Wi-Fi for ultimate control via your mobile phone. 

AKO - Designed and manufactured in Germany

Are the largest electric fence energiser producer in Europe for agricultural farm fencing systems. Their range of products come with superb warranties.

Solar units to run theoretical* electric fence distances from 6.0km to 95.00 km



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