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At Styx Solutions, we are proud to supply products for electric fence installations in New Zealand and beyond. If you’re a contractor or farmer in need of electric fence polywire and tape, check out our online store. We are on a mission to offer modern fencing solutions to the global farming community.

All of our products are lightweight, durable, and designed in-house. We know that local farmers want to use products that are eco-friendly when possible, so we’ve made sure that all of our electric fence polywire and tape is recyclable when after use. Our products are designed to keep your animals safe and secure without threatening their health or well-being.

Polywire is the best type of material for electric fences because it’s lightweight and easy to install. Plus, it provides increased visibility compared to traditional metal wire. It can be easily tightened and repaired as necessary and can be used for a variety of applications. We suggest it as a hassle-free solution for farmers in need of electric fencing.

Anyone in need of high-quality products for electric fences can rely on Styx Solutions. We offer a variety of simple and easy to install products, including electric fence polywire and tape. We want to help you update your infrastructure for the 21st Century and we have the modern, cost-saving designs to make that happen. Give us a call today for more information.

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