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Styx Batten SE 5-7 wire - looking down the installed batten.jpg

Styx Solutions is proud to launch our latest collaboration with Shear Edge - an innovative Kiwi company unlocking the power of wool, and accelerating the world's transition to natural materials. 

Shear Edge have always had a vision of returning to their roots where all Products begin - on farm. Styx Solutions is honoured to bring this vision to life, with our latest innovative batten design - the SE. Launching the Styx Batten SE provides value for Shear Edge growers and farmers around the world. Who better to champion the resurgence of natural fibres than the farmers themselves.

The Styx Easy Batten system is ideal for new fences and a quick and easy way to replace old and damaged battens. The Easy Batten installation touts extreme ease, weaving effortlessly between fence wires and attaching in seconds. Inbuilt clips completely eliminate the need for staples and replace the labour intensive and unsustainable use of treated wooden battens. The high-quality, UV resistant material is designed specifically for use on farms. Styx Easy battens flex and bend, absorbing animal impact and creating a stronger, more durable solution. Because of their plastic construction, these 100% recyclable battens also act as a giant insulator, allowing any wire - or all wires - to be hot.

Long term Styx customer Jason explains, the decision to convert his sheep and beef farm in Hawarden to Styx battens was a no brainer: “2 years ago, I put these battens in for a kilometre of fencing and they stayed the same as the day I put them in… they’re brilliant!” ... So easy to install that he had his 7 & 9 year old boys out helping to put them on, for pocket money


After a few months of product development, we are launching our first ever wool reinforced battens. Made with Shear Edge Universal - a custom mix of Strong Wool Fibres and Polypropylene - the new Styx Batten SE is enhanced with what we call, the wool effect. 

Close up of Styx Easy batten on a 7 wire Beef and Sheep fence- 3 wires hot
Styx batten SE 5-7 wire
Black Styx Batten-with shear edge

The highly engineered matrix of wool fibres embedded in the batten provides added strength and durability. Increased impact, tear, and tensile strength, ensure that the products can stand the test of time and the rugged farm environment. The wool fibre matrix also improves the sustainability profile of the Batten SE, replacing virgin plastic with natural, renewable, strong wool fibres. And, unlike treated wooden battens, the Batten SE remains 100% recyclable and will not rot, splinter or leach like treated timber products.

Ensuring we produce sustainable products that are built to last is a core value we share with Shear Edge. All the wool used in this collaboration with Shear Edge is sourced from Pāmu Farms, where “natural'' reflects the fundamentals of how they operate. They are transforming the way food and fibre are produced - naturally, with passion, curiosity, and innovative fresh thinking. Pāmu wool comes with a world leading ZQ certification meaning it is sustainably, and ethically produced.

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