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A Farm Fencing Solution Like No Other

If you are a farmer in New Zealand who is looking for a new strategy for keeping livestock contained, come see us at Styxx Solutions. We offer a high-quality farm fencing solution for those looking to bring their agriculture business into the future.
There are limits to what traditional wooden fencing can do. When it's brand new, wooden fencing is a good solution. But over time it can break and splinter, leaving your farm vulnerable. You can replace the fencing periodically, but this becomes time-consuming and expensive. At Styxx Solutions, we want to move away from wooden fencing, by employing plastic farm fence droppers and battens to secure your land.
A farm fence dropper is a structure used to maintain the integrity of a wire fence and to evenly distribute the pressure to all wires, to avoid overloading the structure. This allows us to install several durable plastic wires that will contain your livestock while being resistant to precipitation and UV light. Modern farmers need a modern farm fencing solution and that’s what we seek to provide. Visit our website to shop for high-quality fence wire and farm fence dropper. We guarantee that you won't find products like this anywhere else. We offer fencing solutions that are cost-effective, easy to install, and eco-friendly. We strive to save you money in the long run, by updating your fencing systems to use a product that will stand up to the elements yet be easy to replace if need be.
Visit our website to shop for products and read testimonials. No other company in New Zealand offers the kinds of high-tech farm fence solutions that we do. You can either purchase online or give us a call to request more information.

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