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Sheep Farm


Farming is a tough business, and any advantage to improve your bottom line and make your life easier is worth pursuing. If you are a farmer or agricultural entrepreneur who is looking to improve your animal security, reach out to us at Styx Solutions. We supply innovative and effective fencing products to contractors and farmers throughout New Zealand.

We want to help the agricultural community update its animal security strategy for the 21st Century. We use a patented batten system to replace traditional wooden fencing. Our system is cost-effective and easy to implement. With Styx, you don’t have to worry about weather damage or fixing the fencing every few years. Our products are specifically designed for animal security and resist livestock efforts to push the wires apart.

Some of the benefits of our batten system fencing include:

Easy Installation

Cost Effective


Fully Recyclable

Made in New Zealand

Light Weight


Strong and Durable

When you want to improve your animal security without putting your livestock in danger or bankrupting your business you need Styx Solutions. Give us a call today if you’ve been searching for “fence solutions near me”. We’re happy to have a chat about your business and see how we can be of assistance. Your purchase will help you improve both your animal security and your bottom line.

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