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At Styxx Solutions, we strive to provide the top security solutions for farms and agricultural producers. We’ve designed a new variety of fencing that is meant to increase animal security in a way that is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and does not endanger the livestock. We’ve created a patented batten system that is meant to replace traditional wooden fencing. Our system is meant to bring fencing for farms into the 21st Century and help small farmers improve their livestock security without breaking the bank. Visit our online fencing store to see the amazing array of products we have available.
We use a complex system of battens and outriggers to create fencing for farms that are designed for the 21st Century. Our fencing is made from a lightweight, durable plastic material that is UV resistant and will never rot or splinter. Our system uses the latest in farm fencing technology but is quite simple to set up and install. Don’t let any of the technical jargon confuse you, Styxx Solutions is here to simplify your fencing infrastructure, by equipping you with a product that can withstand almost anything. All of our products come with a 5-year limited warranty, so you have a guarantee they will stand the test of time.
We are on a mission to provide fencing for farms that are cost-effective and eco-friendly. All of our products are recyclable at the end of their life and made right here in New Zealand. We want to support local farmers anyway we can, so we’ve designed a variety of products for agriculture businesses, ranging from fence droppers to horse tape. Visit our online fencing store to see all the products we have available and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our materials or the installation process.

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