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The World's First Wool Reinforced Batten

When 2 kiwi innovators combine forces, great things happen!

After months of product development, the world's first wool-reinforced batten is ready to launch. Introducing the Batten SE.

Styx Solutions has announced a collaboration with Shear Edge - a company devoted to accelerating the world's transition away from synthetics to renewable, natural materials.

Made with Shear Edge Universal - a custom mix of Strong Wool Fibres and Polypropylene - the new Styx Batten SE is enhanced with 'the wool effect'.

The highly engineered matrix of wool fibres embedded in the batten provides added strength and durability. Increased impact, tear, and tensile strength ensure that the products will stand the test of time and the rugged farm environment. The wool fibre matrix also improves the sustainability profile of the Batten SE, replacing virgin plastic with natural, renewable, strong wool fibres. And, unlike treated wooden battens, the Batten SE is 100% recyclable and will not rot, splinter or leach like treated timber products.

All the wool used in this collaboration with Shear Edge is sourced from Pāmu Farms, where “natural'' reflects the fundamentals of how they operate. They are transforming the way food and fibre are produced - naturally, with passion, curiosity, and innovative fresh thinking. Pāmu wool comes with a world leading ZQ certification meaning it is sustainably, and ethically produced.

The life cycle of the Batten SE is depicted below -

At end of life, the Batten SE can be completely recycled, and either repurposed for new projects, or used in creating more battens. This is exciting news for customers who prioritise sustainability, and it has great implications for organic farms too.

The battens themselves maintain the qualities of the original Styx Battens. They are simple to use, by weaving through the wire and clipping onto the fence. They are very strong, flexible and will not move on the fence. And of course, they are effectively a giant insulator, meaning any wire or all wires can be hot!

The future of fencing is here, and it's even more sustainable.

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