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We're Exhibiting at Equifest 2021

With Equifest being one of the biggest equestrian events in New Zealand, we couldn't miss it. Equifest showcases all things equine, in a way that inspires, connects, and powers the industry.

We know that our innovative, NZ made Styx products can benefit the equestrian community hugely.

If you're not familiar with our products in an equine capacity, read on...


Our electric fence Outriggers keep horses off the fence, stop cribbing, or - if used vertically - can increase the height of your fence to stop them leaning over, or jumping out.

They're designed to accommodate a wide range of tape or wire. Unlike traditional pigtails, the insulation will not wear through. They're strong, and designed to flex - they won't break. Easy to use, they can be used on most fence types - on post and rail, or clipped on to our Styx Battens.

Outriggers are available in 175mm, 300mm or 400mm to suit your stock.

They're fast becoming popular, especially because they're so easy to install. Our new Base Plate has been a game changer, too!


The Styx Base Plate Insulator is an product that enables you to run wire - from 2.50mm through to Equiwire - and tape simultaneously. It's easily installed, and once on your fence, you can attach the Styx Outriggers via our special interlocking system.


All of our polytape and wire is designed and made here in New Zealand, meaning it'll last the distance! It's highly conductive and strong. We have a huge range to suit you and your stock. Check out our store for more!

We know that horses see green easily, so we developed our exclusive 'Equine Naturae' range - brown-green-brown, or green-brown-green. It looks great in your paddocks, and is super visible to your horse.

Our latest addition is our Premium 'Kiwi' Black - it looks incredible on post and rail. With 10 strands of stainless steel and 5 of tinned copper, it's our heavyweight of horse tape.

For our full range of Equine tape and wire see here.

We also supply a range of quality connectors, tensioners, gate handles, and gate kits. See the store for the full range.

Last, but certainly not least, we'll be bringing our award winning Battens to Equifest.


Our battens are a cost-effective alternative to traditional wooden battens. They weave through wire and clip directly onto the fence, meaning no staples or equipment is needed to install them. They're effectively a giant insulator, meaning that any - or all!- wires can be hot. The special locking mechanism means that they won't move on the fence. They're lightweight, but super strong. Check out this video of the battens going on the fence, and how strong they are.

We're always here to answer your questions! So drop us a line in the chat, email or call Darryn on +64 21 437 202.

We can't wait to see you at Equifest! We'll be at site A24, right next to the Main Arena.

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