Using The Easy Batten With Netting Fences

The Styx Easy battens can also be used on netting fences or fences using waratahs.


The batten is slid down through the netting wires, which helps to support the netting and allows an outrigger to be attached to the batten in one of 4 locations.

Use Thicker Wire With Battens (No.8 or barbed)

The battens are designed for 2.5mm high-tensile wire, but you can use thicker wire, such as number 8.

This wire has been placed in the bottom groove of the batten and what we've done is just cable-tied it into position so that it does allow for an extra or heavier wire to be located into that slot area.

Using Styx Batten to Set Up New Wire Fence

If building a fence for the first time, use the markings on the batten to set the wire positions onto the wooden posts. Or you can download the PDF drawings, which gives you the wire spacing.

How To Use Cable Ties With The Easy Batten

On the battens, there are 4 slots on either side of the wire location which can be used for cable ties. You do not need to use this added feature, but it can add extra security if required.

Installing Batten onto Corroded or Oxidized Wires

For fences with a slightly older wire that's been corroded or oxidized through long use, the clips can sometimes be a little bit harder to get on 2.5mm wire. 


We suggest using some detergent and water in a spray bottle, which will act as a lubricant to click the wires into place.

Attach Outrigger Directly to Wooden Post

When using the Styx Outriggers, you do not have to mount the outrigger to the batten if you do not wish.


As you can see here, the outrigger can be mounted directly to wooden posts using either staples or screws to secure it into place.

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