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Styx Solutions "how to" demonstration videos and product tips

​Technical Information

Learn how to install fence battens/droppers with ease. Our tried and tested, versatile droppers are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions and provide unbeatable durability. Whether you're building a farm fence in New Zealand or Overseas, working with corroded and slack wires, these droppers ensure your fencing is strong, secure, and animal-proof.

Browse our “how to” videos below, or contact us for more information on any of our fencing materials.

How to install the fence dropper/batten

The battens/droppers should be installed by interweaving down through the wires. They are extremely strong and designed to flex and absorb impact from animals, they will not break.


A taper lock system stops the batten/dropper from being moved along the fence by stock.

At the bottom of each batten/dropper is a hole. This feature is used for pulling the batten/dropper down into slight undulations or to provide extra security against animal pressure if required.

Application of Ribbon Tape Onto Outriggers

The outriggers can be mounted directly to wooden railings or posts with staples or screws, or simply attach to the Styx fence dropper/batten without tools or fasteners.

The outriggers are designed for easy application of tape which will not move out of the outrigger or spiral in windy conditions.

Using the Styx Batten / Dropper With Netting Fences

The Styx fence dropper/battens can also be used on netting fences or fences using waratahs.


The batten is slid down through the netting wires, which helps to support the netting and allows an outrigger to be attached to the dropper/batten in one of 4 locations.

Using the Styx Batten to Set Up a New Wire Fence

When building a fence for the first time, use the markings on the batten to set the wire positions onto the wooden posts. Or you can download the PDF drawings, which gives you the wire spacing.

Installing Batten onto Corroded or Oxidized Wires

For older fences where the wire is corroded or oxidized, we suggest using some detergent and water in a spray bottle, which will act as a lubricant to click the wires into place.

Use Thicker Wire With Battens (No.8 or barbed)

The dropper/battens are designed for 2.5mm high-tensile wire, but you can use thicker wire, such as number 8.

The example shows a number 8 wire located in the bottom groove of the batten and cable-tied into position.

How To Use Cable Ties With The Easy Batten

On the droppers/battens, there are 4 slots on either side of the wire location which can be used for cable ties. You do not need to use this added feature, but it can add extra security if required.

Attach Outrigger Directly to Wooden Post

The Styx Outriggers can be mounted directly to wooden posts and railings, or simply attached to the Styx Easy Batten/Dropper without tools or fasteners.

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