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Hear from some of our happy customers and learn how the Styx Solution Easy Battens and Outriggers have solved their fencing problems. 

"We had a 7 strand fence which the goats had given a hard time. The wires were stretched and sloppy and allowed them to push through completely. We had tightened the wires but just couldn't keep it tight enough to be sure the goats would remain on the right side. 

We purchased the 7 strand styx  batten and also the outriggers. We easily applied these to the fence. Securing the outrigger had no special equipment other than elbow grease! 

We can't recommend these highly enough if you have an old wire fence that needs goat-proofing! The company was excellent to deal with and the product arrived speedily!

Janine Tasker / Kim Carter, NZ Dairy Goat Farming

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