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About Styx Solutions

With a new fencing system, Styx Solutions' tagline "Farm Fencing Made Easier" couldn't be truer 

We stock an extensive range of professional plastic farm fencing solutions

The choice of products and solutions can be overwhelming, even for a professional contractor, especially when you're contemplating the advantages of modern plastic fencing systems compared to traditional timber fence battens in New Zealand. At Styx Solutions, we are your go-to farm fence company and fence manufacturing experts, offering a wide selection of products, from dairy fencing to hobby farm fencing solutions 

Styx farm fencing batten on a sheep and beef farm

We manufacture our signature product, Styx Battens, right here in Christchurch.

They’re a combination of recycled and virgin polymers, making them fully recyclable. They’re also lightweight, strong, flexible, efficient, and most importantly, safe, and easy to use.


You can even fence your farm or fix existing fencing by yourself, if your usual contractor is flat tack.

Styx battens can:


  • Stop the need for barbed wire (unless it's necessary)

  • Slash labour costs in half

  • Cut installation time by 45%

  • Reduce the number of battens needed between the main posts

  • Lower transport weight by 75%, reduce the weight on the fence by more than 75%

  • Work with outriggers for safe and effective horse fencing, and to stop other livestock from applying pressure on the fence

At Styx Solutions, we're not just offering products - we're offering a new way of thinking about fencing, one that's focused on convenience, efficiency, and, above all, the safety and well-being of your livestock.

How it all began

With a business background in product manufacturing, and after experiencing first-hand the trials and tribulations of trying to fence his land, owner Darryn designed and produced the world-first Styx Batten.

Styx Solutions name’s meaning is twofold.


Styx Mill Road is where the award-winning product was first thought of and developed.


Couple that with the phrase ‘out in the sticks’ having connotations of being out in the back of beyond (which let’s face it, a lot of us in farming are), and the name Styx Solutions was born.

7 wire farm fencing using Styx Solutions plastic fence battens

Styx Solutions has won two innovative awards at the renowned Field Days events, so there’s more proof, if you needed it, of the absolute ease of use and industry-changing plastic batten.

And once you join us, we find customers go crazy for our products, knowledge, and help, and we’ve certainly got many happy repeat customers, like these below:

Anyone on the fence about purchasing Styx products then feel free to message me for my honest opinion... but happy to write it here. With so many products on the market I was hesitant to order. Styx was great and sent me a couple of samples. I could tell immediately they were strong, sturdy, and super easy to attach. They have been on our post and rail fence now for approximately 1 year, they still look as new. Since the original purchase of the 175mm offset/outriggers I ordered many more plus the 300mm offset/outriggers. I have recommended to friends and they have also purchased. Thanks Styx for great products!

Janine Tasker / Kim Carter, NZ Dairy Goat Farming

"We can't recommend these highly enough if you have an old wire fence that needs goat-proofing! The company was excellent to deal with and the product arrived speedily!

We had a 7-strand fence which the goats had stretched and allowed them to push through. We had tightened the wires but couldn't keep it tight enough to be sure the goats would remain on the right side. 

We purchased the 7 strand Styx batten and the outriggers and easily applied these to the fence. Securing the outrigger had no special equipment other than elbow grease!"

Styx Solutions Ltd has some great products and are very prompt in answering queries and dispatching orders. If

something is not quite right, they are proactive in fixing the issue. I highly recommend them and their products.

Find out more

We know that keeping your animals safe and secure is your highest priority, and it's ours too.


That, and being able to get your paddocks fenced quickly and easily, often by yourself, without having to wait on the services of a busy fencing contractor.


That's why we don't just sell products; we provide solutions.


We listen to you, understand the unique challenges you face, and offer tailored solutions that match your individual requirements.


And we freely give targeted advice on using our products to your advantage.

And if you’d like to learn more about our products, get valuable industry advice, and be the first to hear of any new products or special offers, make sure you’re on our mailing list.

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