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darryn clipping on Styx Easy batten to 5 wire fence.jpg

Over many years we have witnessed fencing contractors and farmers carry out labour-intensive, back-breaking work stapling wooden battens/droppers onto multi-wire fences.


We thought there must be a better way, a product that would be easy to attach and ultimately would be stronger and less damaging for the environment than traditional treated wooden battens.


Starting from an early concept manufactured from metal, the Easy Batten was conceived and with feedback from the farming and lifestyle farming community, the Easy Batten quickly moved into a plastic solution.


These battens interweave down through the wires, attached without the need for staples and with minimal labour costs. We wanted a product that ticked all the boxes, the ability to be used on electric fences was critical, hence the move away from metal into a plastic product.

The Easy Batten provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional wooden products, complemented with a range of easy to attach outriggers for additional stock control. 



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