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400mm outrigger with power hores tape 40mm.JPG

Electric Fence Outriggers & Insulators

As New Zealands electric fence innovation specialist, Styx Solutions stocks a wide range of electric fence insulators, outriggers/offsets, suitable for all livestock.

Easy to use and safe electric fence products

Using products that are easy to use and install is important, but so is keeping your prized assets safe and secure. At Styx Solutions we take the time to design products that are durable and long lasting, while providing maximum safety to your animals. 

The Styx electric fence outrigger- a favorite with the equine community

When designing the Styx electric fence outrigger/offset, we looked at what was currently on the market, and talked to our customers. The equine community wanted products that could not damage their horse in the event of collision into the outrigger. They wanted a product that was easy to use, install, and would present 40mm wide polytape well, without the tape spiralling in the wind.

The Styx outrigger/offset has proven to withstand the impact from bulls, deer and horses, along with keeping goats and pigs away from fences.  Designed to support 2.50mm high tensile wire, polywire and tape, electric polyrope, and equine wire.

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