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Oval Fibreglass Post Premium BLUE pigtail electric fence standards-110cm tall x 10 pieces

  • Height from base plate to center of top tape/wire holder - 915mm
  • head insulator with plastic eyelet (suitable for wire, stranded wire, rope and tape upto 20 mm)
  • very easy to insert and remove the conductor material by turning
  • height-adjustable  insulators sold separately - QTY 25
  • push into ground with single step-robust metal tip suitable for tough ground conditions
  • Extra insulator clips available and sold separately

AKO Premium Pigtail Electric Fence Treadin Standards x 10

SKU: 444299
PriceFrom $68.00
GST Included
  • Usual delivery is 3-5 working days for rural areas.

  • 5 year UV resistant warranty against breakdown for Glass Fibre

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