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Great for black railing fences and for areas where white tape is obtrusive.


Manufactured in NZ to withstand the toughest conditions, the Styx Solutions Kiwi Black 20mm wide horse/ cattle tape is our premium product. 


Manufactured from a highly UV stabilsed Polyethylene and woven with 5 strands of 0.2mm stainless steel wires and 5 each strands of  0.2mm tinned copper for increased conductivity. 

Our woven gate/fence tape is manufactured with wefts passing both under and over the longitudinal warps – ensuring they will never unravel.  The conductive wires lie along the tapes without any interruptions, guaranteeing continual conductivity.


200 Metres (656 ft.)
5 stainless steel strands
5 tinned copper strands
40mm width
975 ohms/km resistance





Power Horse Tape Kiwi Black-20mm wide - 5 x S/S & 5 x TC wires x 200m

PriceFrom $138.60
1 Meter
GST Included
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    Collection from the business address is possible at the buyer's expense.

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