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  • very powerful all-round compact solar unit
  • can be used with light to medium vegetation, universally for all standard fences
  • Ideal for horse and cattle paddocks, goats, sheep.

optimised for permanent, maintenance-free operation right through the main pasture season

with High/Low/Off switch

integrated lightning protection

intelligent, modern battery management with deep discharge protection – device functions even during extended periods of bad weather

excellent level of efficiency – therefore a longer battery life

very robust, weather-resistant, water-tight casing with carrying handle

fast and easy to install

power saving switch for when battery voltage fails

additional power saving function when the fence status is good

5-year performance guarantee on the solar module

microprocessor controlled

very bright, clearly visible LED light

corresponds to applicable EU safety standards

Smart Phone Monitoring


Sun Power S 2400 Smart Solar Energiser - Up to 72KM VDE- Smart Phone Monitoring

SKU: 372953
GST Included
expected delivery Late August
  • Model S 2400 smart
    Ref. no. 372953  
    Stored Energy 3.2 J  
    max. discharge energy 2.4 J  
    max. voltage 11800 V  
    Voltage in Open Circuit 10300 V  
    Voltage at 500 Ohms 7400 V  
    theoretical fence length as per VDE 72 km  
    max. fence length without vegetation 20 km  
    max. fence length with medium vegetation 5 km  
    max. fence length with high vegetation 2 km  
    Approx. Number of Electrifiable Nets 10  
    Qty 1 m earth posts 2  
    Power Consumption 56 mA - 175 mA
  • Included in delivery:

    1 x solar fence device*

    1 x AGM battery, 12 volt, 18 Ah (441125)*

    1 x 12-Volt crystalline solar module, 30 Watt (not assembled) *

    1 x 230-Volt power pack (371012)

    1 x fence connector cable

    1 x ground connector cable

    1 x two-part ground/installation spear (442385)

    1 x warning sign

    * Warranty: solar fence device (5 year warranty), solar module (5 year performance warranty), 12 volt battery (6 month warranty)

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