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Topline equine wire fencing - 200m rolls 

Eurocord post insulators and Temperature/ impact springs sold separately.


Similar product to white Equine wire supplied on the market at 8.00mm diameter.

Our new TopLine Equine Fencing Wire designed to be extremely easy to use, while providing maximum safety for your horses.

Unique 6.0mm diameter with a low resistance of 0.055 ohms/m, meaning extremely high conductivity.

The conductive inner wire is 2 mm galvanised steel soft wire, resulting in a product that is softer and more flexible, thus easier to work with. The Polyethene exterior is extremely weather-resistant and durable, no physical hazard for horses due to round and smooth surface.

Available in 200m rolls complemented with a range of easy-to-use accessories.

Topline Equine Wire Fencing-6.0mm diameter x 200meters

SKU: 442390
GST Included
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