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The JVA Electric Fence Fault Finder® makes finding shorts on electric fence as simple as following an arrow. It is also known as an Electric Fence Power Probe®. Designed and Manufactured in Australia by the inventors and original manufacturer Pakton Technologies.

JVA Electric Fence Fault Finder

GST Included
    • Water proof design
    • Integrated (removable) belt clip
    • Long lasting battery
    • Ergonomic case design
    • Fingers are further away from high voltage
    • Bright red LED direction arrows
    • One touch operation - Simple to use
    • Clear indications of the direction of the fault
    • Digital readout which shows fence voltage and current
    • No wires, no clips means no tangles, no shocks!
    • Standard easy to find battery
    • Australian made by the inventor of directional fault finders
    • Pocket size - easy to carry
    • Displays direction to a "high load" fault, not just current flow
    • Will take you right to the fault, not leave you metres short
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