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The JVA MB8 IP Electric Fence Energiser makes animal control a breeze. Its new styling and features include an audible warning if there is a serious fault on the fence and JVA’s patented Auto-Sync ™ Technology which helps keep your fences safe. The JVA MB8 Energizer will run on a 12V battery or 110/240Vac.
The MB8 comes with built-in Wi-Fi, ready to connect to your mobile phone via the cloud. With JVA’s App Direct technology, you can control and monitor your energizer via an Android app. 


*The actual acres or kilometres of fence powered by this energiser depends on your farm
fence conditions and therefore varies greatly. The best method to compare energisers is to
use peak output energy (Joules).

JVA MB8 IP Electric Fence Energiser - up to 80 kms

SKU: PTE2140
GST Included
  • Output

    Peak Voltage:     8.2 kV
    Peak Energy:      8.6 Joules

    Stored Energy:  11 Joules

    Height: 250 mm
    Width: 180 mm
    Depth: 136 mm


    Product: 3.1 kg
    Packed:  3.6 kg

    Warranty- 3 year Manufacturer Warranty (excluding lightning damage)

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