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Designed and manufactured in Germany by the world leading Electric Fence Energiser producer.

German reliability the AKO Sun Power S 3000 Solar electric fence energiser is a powerful 230 volt power supply that is mainly operated with a 30 watt solar panel. The unit battery can be independently charged with a separate charger.

Perfect for normal fences with little vegetation, the electric fence energiser can be used universally for all standard fences. Ideal for equine  and cattle pastures, goats and chickens. The powerful AKO solar pasture device is optimized for maintenance-free continuous operation during the main pasture season.


The unit comes with a 5 year warranty 


Joules in 4.2


  • our most powerful all-round compact solar unit
  • can be used with light to medium vegetation, universally for all standard fences
  • ideal for horse and cattle paddocks, goats, sheep and wolf

optimised for permanent, maintenance-free operation right through the main pasture season

with High/Low/Off switch

integrated lightning protection

intelligent, modern battery management with deep discharge protection – device functions even during extended periods of bad weather

excellent level of efficiency – therefore a longer battery life

very robust, weather-resistant, water-tight casing with carrying handle

fast and easy to install

power saving switch for when battery voltage fails

additional power saving function when the fence status is good

5-year performance guarantee on the solar module

microprocessor controlled

very bright, clearly visible LED light

corresponds to applicable EU safety standards

Fence control LED and separate battery warning indicator



Solar electric fence unit - AKO S3000- up to 95Km

SKU: 372952
GST Included
Due Mid August 2024
  • 1 x solar fence device*

    1 x AGM battery, 12 volt, 18 Ah (441125)*

    1 x 12-Volt crystalline solar module, 30 Watt (not assembled) *

    1 x 230 volt battery mains charger (371032)

    1 x fence connector cable

    1 x ground connector cable

    1 x two-part ground/installation spear (442385)

    1 x warning sign

    * Warranty: solar fence device (5 year warranty), solar module (5 year performance warranty), 12 volt battery (6 month warranty)

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